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Interfaith Alliance for
LGBTIQ+ Refugees

LGBTIQ+ people and their human rights situation worldwide

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Situation of
LGBTIQ+ worldwide

To date, around a third of the Member States of the United Nations Organization - around 70 countries - continue to criminalize homosexuality. Because of this, there is a deep-rooted stigma against them that negatively affects not only LGBTIQ+ people but also the communities and economies in which they live.

Source: ilga world

This situation of criminalization of sexual and gender diversity has a direct impact on communities. In many cases it causes forced migration and the displacement of people who only want to live in peace and be themselves.

It is key to note that in situations of violence such as civil war or armed conflict, LGBTIQ+ people are not only expelled from their countries but also from their own communities.

Our Objectives

The Interfaith Alliance of LGBTIQ + Refugees is conformed with the objective of:

  • Promote religious organizations.

    Promote within and outside of religious organizations the importance of community sponsorship as a resettlement model that achieves the best integration of refugees.

  • Spaces for knowledge exchange.

    Create a space for knowledge exchange to promote community sponsorship of refugees in religious organizations with a focus on the LGBTIQ+ community.

  • Suppport areas.

    Create support areas for the creation of sponsorship groups within religious organizations.

  • Training.

    Train members of religious organizations interested in community sponsorship to carry out follow-up and support of sponsorship groups.

  • Provide tools

    Provide tools and create - together with religious organizations - fundraising mechanisms for the support of sponsorship groups created in their communities.


Our Commitments

Each of the organizations that belong to the Alliance are committed to:

Promote community sponsorship of refugees with a focus on the LGBTIQ+ population.

Together with FundaciĆ³n AMAL Argentina, encourage the creation of sponsorship groups within the communities of faith.

Promote non-discrimination against LGBTIQ+ refugees in religious and social spheres through training and concrete actions.

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